K2 and You Products

SMS Module for iMIS

  • Real 2-way integration with iMIS using standardized SMS (texting) communication protocols
  • RiSE App Challenge award winner, 2018 ASI Innovations conference
  • NEW: Integrates with the iMIS email/marketing module and Process Automation for personalized and triggered text messages.

  • 100% hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) product; cloud-hosted, SSL-enabled:
  • Developed 100% using the iMIS REST API
  • Personalized subdomain and local phone number
    • Note: Specific telephone numbers are not guaranteed
  • Recipient groups are 100% IQA-driven and managed by the client
  • Send a message to an IQA group or an individual (from their profile)
  • Schedule a message to be sent at a specific date/time
  • Connect a shortcut code to an IQA query
  • Transaction history is logged to the iMIS Communication log or Activity table
  • Responses to text messages ("please remove me", for example) are logged
  • A version of iMIS with the REST API enabled (cloud or self-hosted)
    • iMIS 2017 SP F or higher required for full “single sign on” functionality
  • iMIS full user account configured with the RemoteService role
License Options
  • Avalailable for small, medium or high usage scenarios
  • One, two or three year term agreements
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Carts Manager for iMIS

  • Review and delete abandoned carts
  • NEW: Mark specific carts as "abandoned"
    • Queried via IQA
    • Members/donors can be emailed/texted reminders of items left behind
  • Show cart details and contents for a specific record
    • Records may have multiple carts causing potential issues on checkout
  • Delete/purge empty carts
    • In earlier versions of iMIS, every visitor, whether anonymous or authenticated, generates a cart
    • Bots spidering the site may generate a cart and as a result, a number of the carts in the system may be empty
  • Search carts by specific products, events, names or iMIS ID
    • Cart errors may be generated if older events/products are left in the cart
    • Clearing closed/past events from the carts (single click) will ensure fewer errors in the future
  • Remotely hosted (cloud) product, no security (username/password) required
  • No remote connection to the iMIS database, all connnections made using the security of the logged in user
  • Integrates into the staff site with a single line of code
License Options
  • Available in a twelve month license option

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